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Observation by Andrew Paterson: Venus in the Evening Sky

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Andrew Paterson


Andrew Paterson


2021 Apr 22 - 19:30


2021 Apr 23 - 14:14



  • Canon G7X

1/125s F4.0 ISO 125


Hill Head Shore Fareham

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Venus in the Evening Sky

About this image

Venus passed through superior conjunction on March 26 and is now some 7 degrees east of the Sun. It was visible with binoculars at an altitude of 2 degrees 25 minutes after local sunset. It is (I hope) visible in this severely cropped image in the upper central part of the image above the tallest of the trees, about twice the height of the upper seagull! I suspect the conjunction of Venus and Mercury on April 26 will be hard to observe, but Venus and Mercury should both be well placed as we move into May.

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