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Observation by Steve Davies: Virgo Cluster

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Steve Davies


Steve Davies


2021 Apr 11 - 23:23


2021 Apr 26 - 23:01



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 12h26m
Dec: +12°56'
Position angle: +11°15'

Field size

1°15' × 0°48'

  • Skywatcher 200pds, Canon 60D, EQ5 Pro Mount, Altair GPCAM2 290C guide camera

25x 90s, ISO 1250


Harvington near Evesham, Worcs

Target name

M86 and Virgo Cluster


Virgo Cluster

About this image

I wanted to take advantage of a rare clear evening, but needed to steer clear of the Moon so I went for the Virgo Cluster. It was unfortunately over a neighbour's house that has lights on every tree and outbuilding, and some light from Evesham. My birthday is drawing closer with the promise of a light pollution filter and filter holder! :-)

As ever, I am a novice and would welcome criticism (be gentle) and advice. 

There is light pollution below M86 which I could not get rid of without impacting on the other galaxies. Also horrible coma in the corners. I'll get there one day....

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