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Observation by Grant Privett: M20 - The Trifid

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2021 May 07 - 02:00


2021 May 08 - 07:39


The Trifid Nebula (M20)

  • SkyWatcher 114mm Newtonian
  • Lodestars guider
  • EQ6

137x 30s



Target name

Trifid Nebula


M20 - The Trifid

About this image

My telescope mirror is still off being aluminised - several months now - so I used my guide scope to keep my hand in at imaging. The early SW 114mm had a junk focuser and the camera body isn't quite the same width as an eyepieces, so its really wobbly and collimation is barely worth the effort.

Unfortunately, I couldn't autoguide the imaging.

At the time of imaging I think it was at 17 degrees elevation and was just 1 degree above my horizon (theres a hill due south of me). Was pleased to get it even if the stars are bloated, the collimation rubbish and trailing faintly present. The Lagoon was visible too but even lower....

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