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Observation by Raffaello: Hyginus and domes

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2021 May 19 - 11:37


2021 May 19 - 11:38


The Moon

  • Mak Cassegrain 18 cm

Rome Italy


Hyginus and domes

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The region to the south and southwest of Mare Imbrium is characterised by mare patches and highland remnants that have been scoured by Imbrium impact ejecta. The Imbrium impact occurred 3.85 billion years ago, creating fractures in the rock layers and spreading ejecta throughout this region. The magma ascended along the fractures produced by the Imbrium shock wave in dikes which generated effusive flows (a large part of Mare Vaporum), pyroclastic events (southeast section of Mare Vaporum) and graben (Hyginus Rille) due to pressurised magma at shallow depth generating a stress field at the surface. Some lunar domes are detected and also marked in the second image. Note low dome Hyginus 2 of possible intrusive nature (reference Results of a survey carried out on Rima Hyginus under strongly oblique illumination and implication for a possible shallow dome. R. Lena, J. Phillips and G. Tarsoudis.

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