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Observation by Graeme Coates: Sh2-73 (LBN105/106) and Faint Distant Fr...

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Graeme Coates


Graeme Coates


2021 Apr 01 - 00:00


2021 May 25 - 09:53


Sharpless 73

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 16h11m
Dec: +21°46'
Position angle: -4°57'

Field size

1°51' × 2°28'

  • Skywatcher Esprit 80ED
  • MI250
  • STF8300M
  • Baader Filters

29h10m (L:R:G:B 12h10m:5h40m:6h40m:5h50m)



Target name



Sh2-73 (LBN105/106) and Faint Distant Friends

About this image

Mistakenly catalogued as an HII region, and included in the Sharpless catalogue, this area of dust in Hercules is in fact an example of an integrated flux nebula - shining only through combined light of stars in our own galaxy reflected back to us. Also catalogued as LBN 105/106, MBM 40 and IREC 53.

There are lots of faint, small background galaxies and galaxy groups and clusters in the image - the annotated revision highlights some of these from the PGC/LEDA catalogue.

The data channel amounts look a little odd as quite a lot of frames were affected by high thin cloud!

Image Capture: P Tribe, G Coates (April/May 2021)
Processing: G Coates

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Graeme Coates
Graeme Coates, 2021 May 25 - 12:41 UTC
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