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Observation by Alun Halsey: AR 2824

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Alun Halsey


Alun Halsey


2021 May 25 - 07:30


2021 May 25 - 20:14


The Sun

  • 80mm f/7 achromat/Lunt 50THa PT module double stacked with SM II 60
  • QHY5III 178M + 2x Barlow
  • EQ6 pro

Berkshire UK

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AR 2824

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Lunt 50THa pressure tuned module attached to 80mm f/7 achromat (internal ERF) and double stacked with Solarmax II 60 Richview etalon riding on EQ6. SER recorded via QHY5III 178M/2x Barlow and Firecapture. Stacked in Autostakkert 3 and processed in PS CS2.

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