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Observation by Peter Hannah: Stephan's Quintet and NGC7331

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Peter Hannah


Peter Hannah


2021 May 27 - 21:36


2021 May 27 - 21:44



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 22h36m
Dec: +34°10'
Position angle: +116°05'

Field size

0°44' × 0°33'

  • Planewave CDK-14 corrected Dall-Kirkham reflector on 10Micron GM2000 mount
  • FLI Proline P09000 CCD camera
  • Astrodon LRGB filters

8 hrs Lum, 6 hrs each R,G,B


IC Astronomy hosted site, Oria, Spain

Target name

Stephan's Quintet and NGC7331


Stephan's Quintet and NGC7331

About this image

NGC 7331 is a spiral some 40 Mly away. The four galaxies to its upper right, though referred to as part of the 7331 Group, are actually far in the background at a distance of over 300 Mly. They are sometimes referred to as ‘The Fleas’.

Stephan's Quintet on the left is a compact galaxy group at a distance of 200-300 Mly. The brightest member of the group, NGC 7320, is not physically associated with the group, lying at a similar distance to NGC 7331.

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Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2021 May 29 - 09:00 UTC


Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2021 Jun 01 - 08:52 UTC

Lovely composition and details. Brilliant shot.

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