Observation by Peter Anderson: Total Lunar Eclipse 26 May 2021 1

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2021 May 26 - 11:26


2021 May 28 - 02:47


The Moon

  • Canon 70D DSLR

Standard zoom lens F4. At approx 40mm FL by 35mm equivalent


Brisbane Australia

Target name

Eclipsed Moon and Scorpius


Total Lunar Eclipse 26 May 2021 1

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While imaging with a 150mm F8 refractor, I noticed that at totality Scorpius came out beautifully and I scrabbled around to grab the other camera I often use, a 20MP Canon 70D. I set it at 1600 ISO and F4. As you can imagine the light was too faint for autofocus so I hurriedly took the camera to where we have a view of distant lights and used ‘live view’ with a 10X enlargement. Then it was back to gingerly mount it atop the C14 as a guide. All done and a 20 second exposure in the light sky in the direction of the city in the east was a bit bright so the next exposure (the one above), after adjustment of position to show Scorpius better, was 10 seconds… but the plastic ice cream tub put over the top of the refractor between exposures to avoid dew and illuminated by the red observatory light, then unknowingly came into view in the lower left corner. Never matter – I will tell them it is part of the scientific setup – which it was!

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