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Observation by Raffaello: Old lunar images and Gassendi-Gassendi B...

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2021 May 31 - 06:09


2021 May 31 - 06:15


The Moon

  • Mak Cassegrain 18 cm

Rome Italy

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Old lunar images and Gassendi-Gassendi B part I


Old lunar images and Gassendi-Gassendi B part I

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Based on the observation and note by Paul Abel in May 2021 LS circular regarding Gassendi B

I include my oldĀ  images of this region where likely a crack or slump in the wall of Gassendi B may have given rise to the appearance of a rille. However in telescopic images under higher solar illumination angle the complex system is detectable.

I think my first image diplays well the question-

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