Observation by Paul Leyland: Sycorax or Uranus XVII

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2020 Sep 14 - 03:00


2021 May 31 - 20:27



  • 0.4m Dilworth Relay
  • Starlight Xpress 814 Trius Pro
  • No filter

8230 seconds in 137 subs, median stacked on motion of satellite.


Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

Target name

Sycorax, or Uranus-XVII


Sycorax or Uranus XVII

About this image

Two years later from my previous attempt at U-XVII and with a different camera. A longer exposure this time, too, to help improve the visibility of a magnitude 20.7 object.

The glow at top right is from a grossly over-exposed Uranus which, along with its bright moons, is well outside of the field of view. The image shown here is an enlarged and contrast-stretched region of the full image in which Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon can be seen but Miranda is lost in the glare.

The marked star is Gaia EDR3 75009958852730496 which is catalogued at g=19.03.  A good number of background galaxies are also visible in this image, ranging in magnitude from 18.5 or so down to perhaps 21.5 though I have not yet identified and found good data for any of them.

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