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Observation by Tom Moran: Len Clucas refractor

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Tom Moran


Tom Moran


2021 Jun 01 - 11:52


2021 Jun 01 - 11:57



  • Clucas 5 inch refractor

Whitley Bay


Len Clucas refractor

About this image

This telescope was made by Len Clucas (BAA Horace Dall Medal). The objective is old (Victorian?) and set in a brass cell. Focal ratio is f12. I will post an image of the cell if anyone would like to hazard a guess at the maker.

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Denis Buczynski
Denis Buczynski, 2021 Jun 01 - 20:23 UTC

Hi Tom,

I was under the impression that this OG was from the Lilburn Tower Observatory and was 7 inch Merz and Mahler. Or is that another OG that Len has worked on?

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