Observation by Andrew Jeffries: V1405 Cas

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Mr Andrew Jeffries


Andrew Jeffries


2021 Jun 05 - 01:17


2021 Jun 05 - 09:59


The Bubble Nebula (NGC7635)
Nova Cas 2021

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Field centre

RA: 23h24m
Dec: +61°24'
Position angle: -4°33'

Field size

1°10' × 0°47'

  • Skywatcher Explorer 200p
  • HEQ5 pro
  • ZWO ASI294 mc pro camera
  • Stellarmate astronomy tool

20 x 30s


South East Wales

Target name

V1405 Cas.


V1405 Cas

About this image

It was a clear night so I thought I'd try to find V1405 in Cassiopeia.  This was shot fortuitously through a gap in my neighbours cherry tree.  Not having done anything thing like this before I thought I'd provide an estimate of the magnitude and guesstimating from the magnitudes of the two bright stars one to the lower left of the nova (mag 6.6) and the other to the upper right (mag 7.8 both from Stellarium) I'd say about mag 7.  There will of course be those of you who do this regularly and so if you want to give me any feedback on that estimate please do.

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2021 Jun 06 - 10:02 UTC

Hi Andrew,

That's a really lovely image of the nova and its neighbours!


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