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Observation by Mark Radice: First Jupiter of 2021 - and since 2018

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Mark Radice


Mark Radice


2021 Jun 05 - 03:10


2021 Jun 06 - 20:11



  • Celestron C11
  • ASI224MC
  • EQ6

Salisbury, Wiltshire

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First Jupiter of 2021 - and since 2018

About this image

I am drawn to the dynamic storms and moons of distant Jupiter.  Alas Jupiter's low declination for the past few years have prevented me from observing this fascinating world (other than a club trip to Tenerife in 2018). 

An early start on Saturday morning allowed me to catch this planet against the blue sky while listening to the deafening dawn chorus.  A real pleasure to have Jupiter back again, albeit low and against a blue sky.  Unfortunately no details visible, other than the principal storm belts and Io & Ganymede. 

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