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Observation by Brad Thomas: IC1396 - Elephants Trunk Nebula

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Brad Thomas


Brad Thomas


2021 Jun 05 - 23:52


2021 Jun 06 - 23:57


The Elephant Trunk (IC1396)

  • Skywatcher 72ed APO with 0.85 Reducer / Flattener
  • ASI 183mc imaging camera
  • ZWO 30mm mini guide scope
  • ASI 290mc guide camera
  • IOptron Smart EQ Pro+ mount
  • L-Enhance filter

240 seconds - 120 gain - 144 minutes Total Integration


KT6, London

Target name



IC1396 - Elephants Trunk Nebula

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Brad Thomas
Brad Thomas, 2021 Jun 07 - 13:14 UTC

With Summer twilight among us, I'm having some fun seeing what I can produce in London Bortle 8 conditions and a lack of true night-time

I finished up on NGC 7822 with 12ish hours of data, and have moved onto IC1396 - Elephants trunk Nebula 

Have done an initial 2.5ish hours and plan to match the 12ish hours i did on my previous efforts

So far things looking positive

So here is a starting point on a long take of IC1396

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