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Observation by Neil Morrison: Nova in Hercules

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Neil Morrison


Neil Morrison


2021 Jun 12 - 21:58


2021 Jun 13 - 15:47


Nova Her 2021

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 18h57m
Dec: +17°19'
Position angle: -63°03'

Field size

1°47' × 2°41'

  • Sony 65a SLt Star Sky 90mm F 5.5 Refractor Super Polatis Mount on Orion Field Tripod

25 Sec F5.5 ISO 1600 Mono High Contrast setting


Crawley West Sussex

Target name

Nova TCP J18573095+1653396


Nova in Hercules

About this image

Set up equipment  in the  Dusk after  receiving BAA Alert.  Down loaded AAVSO Chart  and also looked up Star charts in Uranometrica 2000 .Area of Nova on  margins of 2 pages which I printed off and  taped together. Sky light remained very bright  as late as 21.50 UT.  Took  Images at various  setting  but as the air temperature  fell  the Sky became very Hazy . To find the Area of the Nova I  set the Co ordinates of Vega  and once centred ;using setting circles  traversed and hoped that I had  read the  dials  correctly .  On  examining the images was disappointed  not to make seance of them  and concluded  I had miss read  the setting  Circles . Today on seeing other members images  have been able to orientate  the  field and  find the Nova in  Frame.   as marked now. 

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Nick Quinn
Nick Quinn, 2021 Jun 13 - 22:49 UTC

I’m pleased you found it on your image, Neil!

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