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Observation by Neil Morrison: Lost in space

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Neil Morrison


Neil Morrison


2021 Jun 13 - 22:26


2021 Jun 14 - 20:39

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h00m
Dec: +17°17'
Position angle: -86°14'

Field size

0°57' × 0°38'

  • Celestron C8 Reducer/Corrector F6.3 Sony 65a Slt Super polaris mount

20Sec F6.3 ISO6400


Crawley West Sussex

Target name

Intended to be Nova in Hercules


Lost in space

About this image

Set up mount  in early evening  ready to  carefully Polar align and changed tube  rings used on  90 mm  Refractor  previous  evening to Vixen Mounting Bar for C8. After watching BBC  Sky  at Night  I re emerged into the  Garden to precise Polar align and mount the C8 and Camera .Things started to go  awry when trying to  get Polaris in the  Polar scope exactly in the Ring.  All I achieved was the SP Head slipping in Altitude and a sharp poke in the eye  from the Polar scope eye piece .   Persevered in  gathering  gloom to  re set all the  Axes as well as possible .  Then  just pressed and hoped. Nothing  visible in finder  6x30 and Live  view not much help.  Resulting images well I am unable to  reconcile  where I was pointing using World Wide Telescope Maps Never mind It proves there are a lot of Stars up there and the  Negative Print of this  frame  will go into my learning  curve  file as   Searching  for Nova In Hercules.   But lost in Space.

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2021 Jun 15 - 07:42 UTC

Hi Neil, Looks like you were really close...keep trying, it will be worth it.


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