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Observation by Mike Greenhill-Hooper: Galaxies galore

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Mike Greenhill-Hooper


Mike Greenhill-Hooper


2021 Jun 12 - 22:00


2021 Jun 15 - 13:18



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 12h33m
Dec: +12°33'
Position angle: +1°16'

Field size

5°11' × 6°38'

  • 58mm objective EF-S Canon zoom lens (55-250mm) at 135mm on Atik 383L+ CCD camera piggybacked on 770mm ED refractor
  • Skywatcher NEQ6 mount; guiding with Orion StarShoot through 770mm ED refractor

approximately 1 hour of exposures


Miradoux, S.W. France

Target name

Virgo galaxies


Galaxies galore

About this image

This will not win photo of the month, but it reveals at the last count 10 Messier galaxies (M58, 59, 60, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91) plus at least 28 NGC listed galaxies.  It includes Markarian's Chain (curving from M84 to NGC 4477) - centre right of image.  Several inclined spirals are just visible - most evident are M90 and M88.  The lens used was a 10 year-old Canon zoom lens, not known to be very useful for astrophotography, not particularly fast (f4 or 5.6), and very sensitive to focus errors.  The next image is the same with map overlay.

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