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Observation by John Tipping: TCP J18573095+1653396 Nova

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John Tipping


John Tipping


2021 Jun 17 - 23:52


2021 Jun 19 - 00:13


Nova Her 2021

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 18h53m
Dec: +16°30'
Position angle: -22°26'

Field size

6°25' × 4°18'

  • Canon 700D 70mm-300mm lens set at 200mm light reduction filter, AstroTrack

25 21 sec pics ISO 1600 f4.5 23:52 GMT


Northwich Cheshire

Target name

TCP J18573095+1653396 nova in Hercules


TCP J18573095+1653396 Nova

About this image

Quite frustrating time at the moment, point a telescope or camera at the sky it clouds up very quickly. Conditions bad could only see 4 stars continued to see the result, processing in Sequator, Image Plus and Canon software. At least somethings visible. Hot pixels are a problem in this image.  

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