Observation by John Hughes: Ring of Fire

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Mr John William Hughes


John Hughes


2021 Jun 24 - 06:15


2021 Jun 24 - 20:58


The Sun

  • Lunt 60mm TH⍺/B1200CPT telescope
  • ZWO ASI174mm camera
  • SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro mount

Exposure time 5 ms, gain 200


North Essex, UK

Target name

Ring of Fire


Ring of Fire

About this image

The first image I like to take when solar imaging is the full disc as it provides a great overview of what the Sun has to offer the observer at that moment in time time. Also, I have taken similar images of the over exposed disc and used this as a separate layer to reveal the prominences ‘behind’ the main image.

Today, I tried something different and created a mask for the circular disc which helped me bring out the proms then crushed the white point of the disc to completely darken it, just leaving me the ring. Can’t wait to try this again when there are some larger prominences on show. 

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Paul Downing, FRAS
Paul Downing, FRAS, 2021 Jun 26 - 08:01 UTC

An interesting use of the masking technique to reveal solar activity without having to wait for an eclipse.  Our choice this week for PotW.

Paul Anthony Brierley
Paul Anthony Brierley, 2021 Jun 27 - 08:31 UTC

I have seen this done before and it is an interesting technique for showing just the Proms. 

Very well done.

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