Observation by Nick James: M31 nova patrol

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Nick James


Nick James


2021 Jul 14 - 01:13


2021 Jul 15 - 23:01


The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

  • ASI6200MM + Celestron HD11



Chelmsford, UK

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M31 nova patrol

About this image

M31 is coming back into view in the morning sky and this is an example of one of my patrol images. I check images that have the median background from the galaxy removed. This makes it much easier to spot new objects. Last year I had a couple of "discoveries" that had already been reported on the TNS. This year I've updated my software to produce an image like this which includes markers for the most recent objects reported to the TNS so that I know what has already been discovered. If you download the original image and zoom in you can see objects in four of those six circles. 

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