Observation by Dominic Ford: Widefield photography with Canon RP

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Dominic Ford


Dominic Ford


2021 Jul 16 - 23:55


2021 Jul 17 - 02:36



  • Canon RP
  • Canon RF 24mm lens, f/4.0

25 sec @ ISO 1600


Brook Leys, Eddington, Cambridge

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Widefield photography with Canon RP

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Mucking around with a new Canon RP to see what it can do. This is (supposedly) a Canon 6D Mk II sensor in a mirrorless body. Images post-processed with the Lightroom "dehaze" filter; one artifact of this filter is that the sky background gets left behind around the trees.

I was hoping some NLC might show up, but no luck there.

These images were taken on a fixed tripod at ISO 1600, but I later decided a better compromise between star trailing and noise was actually at ISO 3200.

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