Observation by Simon Kidd: Mars at 2.55AU

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Simon Kidd


Simon Kidd


2021 Jul 29 - 17:13


2021 Jul 30 - 09:27



  • C14, ZWO ASI462MC, IR 742nm filter +Barlow.

Mars at 2.55AU

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Yesterday I thought I would see if Mars could still be imaged. Not a particularly good day to try, as it was windy with about 60% cloud cover.....but other days looked impossible due to total cloud. Finding Venus and checking rough focus took a while (more cloud!) but having synced up, eventually Mars was located. I used a 742 nm filter and got a couple of runs in, by waiting for the odd clear patch. I intended to get an integrated light run completed too....but this was only partially completed, as the clouds finally closed up for good. Mars shows his 'bland' face in the image, but some details are seen, despite the lower resolution given by the near IR wavelengths imaged. The dark shape of Mare Cimmerium is seen on the limb, top right. The North polar cap is still visible. Other features are also seen. A tricky observation needing sun shading measures (as for Mercury) for the scope. Better conditions would still yield a fair result though.


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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2021 Jul 31 - 07:24 UTC

Tremendous work Simon find such a difficult object and to capture meaningful detail. Very well done. 

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