Observation by David Arditti: Sun, H alpha, 2020 August 25

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2021 Aug 25 - 16:14


2021 Aug 27 - 16:40


The Sun

  • Lunt LS60THa telescope double-stacked (50mm clear aperture)
  • Point Grey Flea 3 camera
  • B1200 blocking filter in direct configuration
  • 30nm bandpass H alpha filter (for IR rejection)


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Sun, H alpha, 2020 August 25

About this image

It's some time since I've imaged the Sun in H alpha, and it has become a bit more active in the meantime. Shown here are AR 2859 (N) and 2860 (S). There's some filaments but little in the way of prominences. This is an image stacked from a single-exposure run. Seeing was poor, so the image is quite soft.

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