Observation by Callum Potter: Milky Way - looking north

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Callum Potter


Callum Potter


2021 Sep 13 - 23:22


2021 Sep 14 - 19:40


The Milky Way

  • Canon 600d, Samyang 14mm lens, fixed tripod

30s, ISO 1600, f/3.5


Rerwick, Orkney


Milky Way - looking north

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Milky way extending to the North. Pleiades and Auriga just peeking over the horizon.

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Neil Morrison
Neil Morrison, 2021 Sep 14 - 20:50 UTC

Glad to see that  despite the passage of time the  Milky Way  can still be seen  clearly from Orkney as I  remember it from my Child hood there  some 65 years ago when   at the age of 10  saw my first Comet  Arend-Roland observing   from a  site on the  Ex Fleet Air arm camp  site  at Hatston. 

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