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Observation by Mazin Younis: LL And dwarf Nova

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Mazin Younis


Mazin Younis


2021 Sep 16 - 23:55


2021 Sep 16 - 23:59


LL And

  • Skywatcher Quattro 200mm Newtonian f/4
  • ZWO ASI 294MC-Pro
  • iOptron CEM 40 mount
  • L-Pro filter

8 minutes


Hale Barnes, Manchester

Target name

LL And Nova


LL And dwarf Nova

About this image

As soon as I received the alert regarding the rare outburst of LL And dwarf nova, which jumped 7 magnitudes from 20 to 12.5, I was determined to capture it despite very hazy sky.

Just managed 8 minutes exposure though the nova was quite clear in the image.

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