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Observation by Mark Lonsdale: Mercury 14 Sept 2021

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Mark Lonsdale


Mark Lonsdale


2021 Sep 14 - 08:06


2021 Sep 18 - 00:56



  • C14 Edge HD
  • Zwo 290 MM
  • IR 850 nm filter
  • Siebrt 1.5 X Barlow

Mercury 14 Sept 2021

About this image

Here in South Canberra we have been doing battle with poor seeing conditions for some weeks, particularly for the gas giants. I decided to take a sabbatical from them for a while and work on Mercury, currently at near maximum elongation, so allowing me to safely work on it just above the roof, while the sun sets behind my house. Of course this is not ideal for imaging, but it is better than nothing!

I found in a previous effort that an IR 850 nm filter gave better results for me than my 685 nm. 

Here I ran off three videos of 3 minutes, then synthesised the three stacked and sharpened  images. I present the results, with the relevant WJ simulation to show both the strengths and weaknesses of the result.  There are congruencies in albedo between the two images, but the diffraction ring hides much potentially confirmatory detail, yet I am unwilling to push the processing too far, lest I introduce artefacts. 

All in all, it is my best Mercury image so far and, considering the small size and capture conditions, it does give a nice impression of its true appearance. 

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