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Observation by Alan Thomas: M52 Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


2021 Sep 19 - 21:03


2021 Sep 22 - 10:09



  • Unistellar eQuinox



Norbreck Observatory, Warrington, Cheshire, UK.

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M52 Open Cluster in Cassiopeia


M52 Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

About this image

Messier described M52 as: "Cluster of very small [faint] stars, mingled with nebulosity, which can be seen only with an achromatic telescope. It was when he observed the Comet which appeared in this year that M. Messier saw this cluster, which was close to the comet on the 7th of September 1774; it is below the star d Cassiopeiae: that star was used to determine [the position of] both the cluster of stars & the comet."

Distance estimated as 3-7,000ly. Age c.35 million years.

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