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Observation by Neil Morrison: Landsat 9

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Neil Morrison


Neil Morrison


2021 Sep 27 - 21:12


2021 Sep 28 - 11:18



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 10h00m
Dec: +51°20'
Position angle: +4°12'

Field size

9° × 6°

  • Sony 65a Slt Samyang 85mm F 1.40Lens Tripod mounted

5 sec Iso800 F1.4


Crawley West Sussex

Target name

Landsat 9 Second Stage Booster De orbit Burn


Landsat 9

About this image

Set up equipment with Polaris Centred  however the  Rocket plume  sprang into  view  much lower on the  Horizon and tangled  with in TV Ariels  so a mad  dash to move  everything a few feet to gain a  better perspective.  A brilliant  sight  but  over  very  quickly as the  plume was racing  down to wards the Horizon  at an amazing speed.   I had anticipated a dim Comet from the  details posted on the BAA site so  the exposure was  set accordingly.  If only more  genuine  Comets were this  bright  we  would   have more folk LOOKING  UP. 

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Nick Quinn
Nick Quinn, 2021 Sep 28 - 15:47 UTC

Nice one Neil! I also saw it and made the mistake of 5 second exposures when 1 second would have been long enough to minimise motion-blur and still show the Centaur booster, exhaust plume and fuel dump nicely.

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