Observation by Marc Charron: Nova Cas

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Marc Charron


Marc Charron


2021 Sep 28 - 22:30


2021 Sep 29 - 14:14


Nova Cas 2021

  • 70mm f6 refractor with 1x field flattener, Nikon D750

8 sec at ISO 3,200


Ayr, Scotland, UK

Target name

Nova Cas


Nova Cas

About this image

The image was taken with a 70mm f6 apo refractor using a 1x field flattener mounted on an EQ6Pro for tracking. A total of 19 frames were taken, 8 seconds each at ISO 3,200 using a Nikon D750. Stacking was done in Lynkeos for Mac.

Nova Cas remains relatively bright and as can be seen from the image it is similar in brightness to HIP 115661 which is magnitude 7.8.

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