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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Fireworks galaxy - NGC 6946

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2021 Sep 29 - 10:49


2021 Oct 05 - 10:56


The Fireworks Galaxy (NGC6946)

  • Altair Astro 10in Ritchey-Chretien truss tube
  • Fornax 102 mount
  • ZWO ASI 1600MM cool
  • Atik EFW, Baader LRGB filters
  • OAG, SX Lodestar2

100mins LUM, 30mins each R,G.B


Embourie, Charente, France

Target name

NGC 6946


Fireworks galaxy - NGC 6946

About this image

I had taken this target six years ago, from my backyard in Sheffield but, opportunity of darker, skies, better rig, more experience in processing etc made it worth another go...  3hrs 10min of exposure in total here.

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