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Observation by Alun Halsey: AR 2882 in CaK

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Alun Halsey


Alun Halsey


2021 Oct 09 - 13:16


2021 Oct 09 - 21:44


The Sun

  • Helios 150 f/8 achromat (reduced to 100mm)
  • Lunt CaK B1200 module
  • QHY5III 178M (ROI 1064 x 808)
  • SW EQ6 Pro

Berkshire UK

Target name

The Sun


AR 2882 in CaK

About this image

60% of 1772 frame SER stacked in Autostakkert 3 and processed in Astrosurface and PS CS2. Seeing was unsteady,North is toward top left corner.

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