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Observation by Alex Pratt: 20211122_050132 - an Earthgrazing meteor...

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Alex Pratt


Alex Pratt


2021 Nov 22 - 05:01


2021 Nov 23 - 10:51



  • Watec 902H2 Ultimate video camera
  • 6mm f/0.75 lens
  • UFO Capture, Analyser

25 frames/sec


Leeds, West Yorkshire

Target name

20211122_050132 - an Earthgrazing meteor?


20211122_050132 - an Earthgrazing meteor?

About this image

My Leeds_SE (UFO Capture) camera recorded this slow, long-pathed meteor, taking 10.5s to traverse its field, passing through Leo, travelling from upper left to lower right. It was also captured on my UK000J (RMS) camera, but Leeds_SE gave a clearer video of detailed flaring in its tail

20211122_050132 - NEMETODE - YouTube

The software estimated its magnitude at -0.4 as it entered the cameras' fields, so its peak magnitude could have been brighter.

A provisional multi-station result (combining data with Nick James) gives its ground track passing over Hull and to the west of Birmingham. During these 10.5s it travelled 160 km, slowly descending from an altitude of 79 km to 64 km. (One of Nick's cameras recorded its total flight of over 20s).

The object had a radiant near Altair, Aquila.

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