Observation by Patrick Maloney: NGC 2024

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Patrick Maloney


Patrick Maloney


2015 Nov 12 - 02:23


2021 Dec 12 - 14:58


The Flame Nebula (NGC2024)

  • 12" Newtonian reflector, 18mm Kellner eyepiece, x83

Drumroanin Farm, Galloway

Target name

NGC 2024


NGC 2024

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Very large. In two separate sections, separated by dark nebulosity. The eastern half is shaped like a question mark. This section has two distinctly brighter regions within it. The western half is smaller and shaped like a reversed 'D'. There was some small improvement with an Hβ filter, but as the filter was 2" and the eyepiece 1.25", this was hard to use.

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