Observation by Colin Henshaw: UU Cancri 2016 - 2017

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Colin Henshaw


Colin Henshaw


2021 Dec 15 - 12:14


2021 Dec 15 - 12:26


Variable star

  • Canon 30D Camera + 135mm Carl Zeiss telephoto lens

2000ASA 5 seconds


Briga Township, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Target name

UU Cancri


UU Cancri 2016 - 2017

About this image

Light-curve of UU Cancri, derived from observations made between December 2016 and May 2017. UU Cancri is a low amplitude Beta Lyrae star, composed of two stars orbiting around each other, that are almost in contact and are tidally distorted into an egg shape. The star has a period of 96d.6760, (Kalv, P., Oja T., and Harvig, V., 2007), and varies between 8m.68 and 9m.35. My measurements reveal a range between 8m.74 and 9m.2, with a secondary minimum at 9m.04. The light-curve shows a classic Beta Lyrae variation in which the object is continuously varying. One of the components is a K4III giant. The system is located around 2764 light-years away. It took about a month to analyse all the images, using the AIP4Win photometry tool. The star was imaged using a Canon 6D camera set at 2000ASA with an exposure of 5 seconds, and a 135mm carl Zeiss telephoto lens set at f5.6.

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