Observation by David Strange: Comet Leonard in the Evening Sky?

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David Strange


David Strange


2021 Dec 18 - 17:31


2021 Dec 18 - 22:14



  • Canon 6D
  • 135mm lens @ f/2.8

Salcombe Regis, East Devon

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Comet Leonard in the Evening Sky?

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Tried for Comet Leonard in the evening sky this evening, but just too low in the murk to catch it. The comet lay just below the two faint stars nearest the horizon which are 60 Sag and Omega Sag. 

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Nick James
Nick James, 2021 Dec 18 - 23:35 UTC

David, Could you let me have the raw image files please? I have ways of processing which may reveal something. I'd be interested to try anyway.

David Strange
David Strange, 2021 Dec 19 - 00:54 UTC

Will put them in dropbox and send you the link. Thanks, David

Nick James
Nick James, 2021 Dec 19 - 18:55 UTC

David. Thanks for the files. It's a shame that they are JPEGs and not raws since I think you were very close to getting it. This image is a stack of 5 of your JPEGs with median background removal. The JPEG compression leads to banding and various artefacts but you can see 62 and 59 Sgr which are about the same altitude as the comet (both around 4.5). The comet should be in the middle of the box but probably too much murk since there is no sign of it. Good try though.

David Strange
David Strange, 2021 Dec 19 - 21:52 UTC

Thanks for trying! It was worth the effort, a lot of people stopped by for a chat, mainly about the Moon and Venus, but were intrigued to hear about the comet. I was imaging from the SW coast path on Salcombe Hill with a clear sea horizon.

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