Observation by Graham Roberts: M31 Andromeda Galaxy

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Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


2021 Nov 04 - 19:00


2021 Dec 21 - 13:33


The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

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Field centre

RA: 00h42m
Dec: +41°14'
Position angle: +90°14'

Field size

2°17' × 1°46'


Redhill, Surrey


M31 Andromeda Galaxy

About this image

I’ve imaged M31 the Andromeda Galaxy on four separate occasions since 2015, each time enthralled by the majesty and beauty of this barred spiral galaxy.  Notwithstanding, it was clear to me that there was significant opportunity for improvement of the previous images with both better data and processing.   Since the last attempt in October 2019 a myriad of positive developments have taken place of which perhaps three stand out: multi-star guiding, the purchase of Chroma filters and in particular the use of PixInsight image for processing – all have been game changers. 

However, whilst the said progress has already been transformative to my astrophotography during the past year, it is above all imaging conditions that play the most critical role, especially in England.   Fortunately during this autumn New Moons in both October and November for once coincided with  clear skies, providing no less than six nights over which I was able to obtain almost 12-hours of some of my best ever data yet.  Based on this I’ve been careful to apply my best new processing skills and am thankful that the final HaLRGB image has turned out well.  In particular, the dust lanes stand out well against the bright core and surrounding blue intergalactic dust and gases, which are themselves punctuated by the bright red regions rich in Ha. 


For additional image information please refer to my website here:   https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2021/11/16/the-journey/


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