Observation by Ronan Newman : Aurora Borealis

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Ronan Newman


Ronan Newman


2021 Dec 19 - 20:46


2021 Dec 24 - 00:22



  • Canon 6d

F/4 ISO 800 6 seconds


Lough Innagh, Connemara, County Galway 53° 30' 55.4" N 9° 44' 34.7" W

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Aurora Borealis


Aurora Borealis

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Was very luck last Sunday evening with the weather, It was cloudy all over the UK and Ireland , But I knew from viewing sat24.com that it was suprisingly clear skies to the west of me.  After seeing the Space weather stats I contacted Connemara Astronomy club (https://www.facebook.com/connemaraastronomy) to be told conditions were perfect there despite the Full Moon,  I drove about 30 miles west into Connemara, a vast area full of  breathtaking mountain scenery and rugged coastlines along the Wild Atlantic Way.  https://www.connemara.net/

The dense fog cleared after a place called "Recess" so I took a trip into the glorious Innagh Valley. I was not expecting to catch anything on camera due to the brightness of the Moon, but when I saw green on camera I knew I had bagged it. This was my third sighting this Autumn/Winter 2021.

The location was fantastic but the Aurora was not very exciting with only its double arc on camera and some faint rays visible through my fujinon 7x50. Hopefully not too long to my next sighting. Ronan Newman

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