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Observation by Nick James: JWST and Ariane upper stage

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Nick James


Nick James


2021 Dec 29 - 09:10


2021 Dec 29 - 14:17



  • iTelescope T14



New Mexico

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JWST and Ariane upper stage


JWST and Ariane upper stage

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The dots in the middle of these two images are the JWST spacecraft on its way to L2 and the Ariane upper stage. JWST was at a range of around 510,000 km and the upper stage was at around 540,000 km. Both are currently around 16th mag but quite highly variable. JWST will be injected into a halo "orbit" around L2 but the upper stage will move away from the 1:1 Earth resonance so will soon be lost. This short focus instrument was not ideal for this imaging but the weather at home has been very uncooperative since launch.

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