Observation by Richard Sargent: Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

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Richard Sargent


Richard Sargent


2022 Jan 05 - 20:54


2022 Jan 06 - 16:59



  • C14 at f7 and Atik 460EX camera


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Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555


Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

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Further to my previous post this montage shows (L to R) the central part of Hinds Variable Nebula before, during and after the temporary small increase in nebulosity just to the south west of the star T Tauri. North to the top and West to the right on each image. From inspection of images I have taken the small increase started sometime between 2021 April 9 and 2021 October 30 and disappeared sometime between 2021 December 23 and 2022 January 5. Suggesting a maximum period of visibility of 271 days.

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Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2022 Jan 06 - 22:06 UTC

A great sequence Richard!

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