Observation by Nick James: Faint asteroids

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Nick James


Nick James


2022 Jan 13 - 22:15


2022 Jan 13 - 23:40


1821 Aconcagua
10788 1991 UC
78135 2002 NE14
126297 2002 AZ110
178698 2000 SP66

  • ASI6200MM + Celestron HD11



Chelmsford, UK

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Faint asteroids

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This was a test to see how faint I can go for moving objects with a bright moon in the sky. This is a stack of 76 x 60s frames looking at a field near the ecliptic in Gemini. It is offset at the motion of asteroid 289867 which has an ephemeris magnitude of 21.0. This has just been detected as a faint dot in the box at the lower right hand corner of the frame. Since all of the objects in the frame have slightly different offset rates most of the other asteroids are trails or are not visible in this stack.

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