Observation by Dean Ashton: Celestial Tadpoles

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Dean Ashton


Dean Ashton


2022 Jan 12 - 19:00


2022 Jan 14 - 11:44



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Field centre

RA: 05h22m
Dec: +33°24'
Position angle: +0°48'

Field size

0°48' × 0°32'

  • Celestron 9.25EdgeHD, 0.7x Focal Rd
  • QHY268C Camera
  • Optolong LeNhance Filter
  • CGEM Mount
  • StarlightExpress LoadstarX2 autoguide camera and OAG

48x600s; /f7 - fl 1,645mm


St Austell, Cornwall

Target name

Tadpole Nebula


Celestial Tadpoles

About this image

Open cluster NGC1893 in Auriga is a cluster of large bright stars that are only 4-million years old.  The highly energetic stellar winds of the cluster are causing the surrounding nebula, IC410, to glow.  The two tadpoles are dust and gas left over from the formation of the star cluster and likely to be the site of further new star formation.  The patterns of arcs of stars in the cluster are very conspicuous.  Are these random patterns or reflective of the nature of the original hydrogen cloud density patterns that triggered star formation?  I don't know.

Images captured on 12th and 20th January 2022.

All image calibration and processing carried out with PixInsight.

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