Observation by Tracey Snelus: ISS Lunar Transit 17th Jan 2022

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Tracey Snelus


Tracey Snelus


2022 Jan 17 - 22:53


2022 Jan 18 - 20:33


The Moon

  • Fuji XT-3 camera and 600mm lens

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Llanelian, North Wales

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ISS Transit of the Moon


ISS Lunar Transit 17th Jan 2022

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ISS lunar transit captured 17th January 2022. The ISS was in shadow at the time of the pass and the totoal transit time was 0.63s. The location was determined using the ISS transit finder website which can be used easily by inputting your location, distance willing to travel and dates. I captured it using a video mode on my FujiXT3 camera to ensure a frame rate sufficient and to increase my chances of capturing the pass. I didnt want to reply on burst mode of the camera and the potential of memory card buffering to put a halt on the images. 

Using PIPP I was able to extract the frames for processing into the final blended stack. 

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