Observation by Mike Greenhill-Hooper: Orion Nebula

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Mike Greenhill-Hooper


Mike Greenhill-Hooper


2022 Jan 11 - 22:00


2022 Jan 19 - 17:52


The Orion Nebula (M42)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h35m
Dec: -05°19'
Position angle: +121°31'

Field size

1°16' × 0°51'

  • 770mm ED TS refractor at f/7
  • ASI294MM Pro image camera
  • ASI224MC guide camera
  • NEQ6 mount

15x60s and 15x10s 2x2 binned L, H-alpha, RGB at gain 121 and offset 10


Miradoux, S.W. France

Target name



Orion Nebula

About this image

Second outing with my new mono camera - ASI294MM Pro.  I still need to understand better the choice of gain and offset settings for the camera.  Also interestingly and annoyingly both the blue and luminosity images had rather bloated stars which affect the final image.  Reading about this I think this may be in part due to my L and B filters (ZWO) not cutting off sharply at 400nm, but allowing through light down to 380nm.  Focus was fine for the other filters. Another possible reason was the fact that I was using a refractor and maybe not the best. I calibrated with darks, flats and dark flats and did all this in Affinity Photo.  The imaging and dithering was controlled by APT (with PHD2 in support).  I used EQMOD and Cartes du Ciel to drive the mount and for goto and DSO targeting.

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