Observation by Davide Pistritto: Southern Luna

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Davide Pistritto


Davide Pistritto


2021 Mar 04 - 01:58


2022 Jan 28 - 16:57


The Moon

  • Vixen VMC260L
  • ASI 178MM
  • Astronomik 742nm

Bari, Italy

Target name

Moretus and south lunar pole


Southern Luna

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Eric Watkins
Eric Watkins, 2022 Jan 28 - 17:33 UTC

Ciao Davide,

bellissimo. High resolution image of the southern limb. One of my areas of interest.


Davide Pistritto
Davide Pistritto, 2022 Jan 29 - 15:20 UTC

Thanks so much, Eric. This take of the Moon happened while a really good period of a wide high pressure bubble over the southern Europe at the beginning of last year. The colongitude was very favourable for Moretus and the southern limb of the Moon. Thanks again for your contribute.

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