Observation by Paul Leyland: Variables in Messier 33

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2020 Feb 05 - 21:20


2022 Feb 03 - 12:41


The Triangulum Galaxy (M33)

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Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

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Variable stars in M33


Variables in Messier 33

About this image

This image marks the position of 140 variable stars brighter than Sloan g=20.0 taken from Hartman et al., MRNAS Volume 371, page 1405 (2006). It covers only a small (roughly 10 by 8 arcmin) portion of the M33 galaxy.

I do not claim that all are visible and/or resolved on my image (indeed, it doesn't go quite as faint as g=20) but it shows how observers of extragalactic VS can measure them by the bucket load in single image. A 1 to 2 hour integration should yield adequate measurements down to g=20.

There is at least one GC in there too. Finding it is left as an exercise.

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Eric Watkins
Eric Watkins, 2022 Feb 07 - 02:41 UTC


I have some images of M33 which I shall look up together with Hartman et al's paper and see how it compares.


Paul Leyland
Paul Leyland, 2022 Feb 07 - 09:26 UTC

Eric: Good luck.


BTW my image isn't of anything in particular. I just pointed at a random patch of M33 and took an exposure.

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