Observation by Les Dickens: Rosette nebula and open cluster

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Les Dickens


Les Dickens


2022 Feb 25 - 00:00


2022 Mar 02 - 11:27



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Field centre

RA: 06h32m
Dec: +05°03'
Position angle: -87°52'

Field size

1°55' × 1°23'

  • 77mm F6.6 achromatic refractor
  • QHY9S camera
  • Images processed using IRIS
  • EQ6 mountNGC

45 x 120s Hα; 50 x 120s O-III (plus 10 x 180s each of Hα, O-III and S-II taken in Dec 2020)


Cheltenham, UK

Target name

Rosette nebula (NGC2237) and the open cluster at its centre (NGC2244)


Rosette nebula and open cluster

About this image

January was pretty barren for me as my EQ6 mount had been dispatched to Rotherham for servicing.  It was worth the wait though: performance was much improved when I finally got to put the mount through its paces and pointed it at the Rosette nebula.

The servicing included a Rowan Belt modification which seems to have made a big difference: PHD2 was used for guiding and was accurate to around +/- 1 arcsec most of the time.

All processing done using (good old) IRIS and I took the opportunity to import some frames made with the same equipment in 2020!

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