Observation by Dean Ashton: IC410 in Ha with a OSC

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Dean Ashton


Dean Ashton


2022 Jan 12 - 19:00


2022 Mar 21 - 12:21



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h22m
Dec: +33°24'
Position angle: +0°48'

Field size

0°48' × 0°32'

  • Celestron 9.25EdgeHD, 0.7x Focal Rd
  • CGEM Mount
  • QHY268C Camera
  • Optolong LeNhance Filter

48x600s; /f7 - fl 1,645mm


St Austell, Cornwall

Target name



IC410 in Ha with a OSC

About this image

8-hours total integration with a QHY268C OSC and an Optolong LeNhance Tri-Band Filter.  

To create this pure Ha image, the original calibrated RAW images were debayered using the PixInsight Super Pixel method.  The method only uses the R pixel data to create the R channel of the debayered image.  To do this the algorithm uses 2x2 pixels to create each colour channel and consequently produces a final image that is a quarter of the pixel count of the original RAW camera image.  In effect, the 3.7micron pixels become 7.5micron pixels. The R channel containing the Ha data was extracted from the debayered RGB image using PI Channel Extraction script.  The resolution in this case has then been restored to the original camera resolution by using the PI Drizzle Integration process. 

The result is a pure narrow band Ha image from an OSC camera.

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