Observation by Diane Clarke: Eclipsed Moon Rising

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Paul Downing, FRAS


Diane Clarke


2019 Jul 19 - 20:17


2022 Apr 15 - 14:12


The Moon

  • Canon 750d Tripod mounted Sigma DC Macro lens 18-250mm @ 250mm

1/60th sec @ f6.3 ISO 1600


Top Dartford Rd, Swanley Kent

Target name

Eclipsed Moon Rising


Eclipsed Moon Rising

About this image

Diane reports that she and friend and fellow society member Honor Wheeler had set up their cameras to capture the full Moon as it was rising above the distant horizon. There was a band of cloud that drifted across as they waited. When the Moon started to rise the cloud bank obscured parts of the moon as it climbed into the sky. This is a composite of 14 images taken between 20.17 - 20.26.

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