Observation by Mike Harlow: Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula

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Mike Harlow


Mike Harlow


2022 May 07 - 10:40


2022 May 06 - 02:57


Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula

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Field centre

RA: 20h45m
Dec: +67°55'
Position angle: -1°24'

Field size

0°49' × 0°32'

  • iTelescope T21: 43 cm CDK @ F/4.5

15 x 180 seconds


New Mexico, USA

Target name

Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula


Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula

About this image

Quick image to continue monthly monitoring of this variable nebula.  Back to using remote telescopes for the summer until the skies at 52 degrees north start to get darker again from the end of July.

Confirms the result from my last image from home on 26th April...the nebula is very faint at the moment!

Image at 50% original size.

Updated 7th May:  Original image replaced with 15 x 180 second version complied from 3 nights (mornings!) of imaging runs on 5th, 6th and 7th May.

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Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2022 May 06 - 21:09 UTC

Nebula very  nicely placed in context. Glad you are still at it.

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