Observation by David Davies: The Antenna Galaxies, NGC 4038, 4039, Ar...

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David Davies


David Davies


2022 Apr 04 - 01:00


2022 May 13 - 16:58



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Field centre

RA: 12h01m
Dec: -18°52'
Position angle: -1°58'

Field size

0°35' × 0°26'

  • 200mm Ritchey-Chretien
  • ASI 294MC Pro camera
  • SW EQ8 mount

45 x 3-min


Cambridge, UK

Target name

The Antenna Galaxies


The Antenna Galaxies, NGC 4038, 4039, Arp 244, Caldwell 60, 61

About this image

On the night of 3rd - 4th April, I was finishing a little project to image one of the lesser observed Messier objects when I wondered how best to take advantage of a fairly transparent sky and fair weather. A quick search in Sky Safari showed that the Antenna Galaxies were just rising above the tree line to my south, and I had a couple of hours to observe them before they disappeared again. I swapped cameras from my QSI to the ASI 294MC to see what I could observe.

This image is the result. I pushed the exposures to 3 minutes (from my usual 2 minutes) but kept the camera gain low at 50 to try to do justice to the star images and was thinking that I would not be able to see much of the antennae themselves at such a low altitude. But I have been pleasantly surprised at what I've managed to capture in terms of detail in the interacting galaxies and the very faint trails of the antennae themselves.


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